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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grateful for Training

So, yesterday I wasn't near the computer much at all.  I generally am online all day, for work and pleasure, but it didn't work out that way.  I attended a fantastic class developed by Steven R Covey, "Leading Across Generations".  I normally don't get as much as I should out of these types of classes.  I pick at what seems to be the flaw in the theory, and will get hung up on that one little thing, and all the rest goes to waste.  Not so yesterday.

I enjoyed learning about how the different generations 'think' as a whole and was very intrigued to see that I fit my own generation to a T, for the most part.  I am 'Generation X', the generation that grew up after the Baby Boomers, only half the size of the generation that went before us.  We are small in numbers, but apparently, we rock!

While these generalizations seemed to resonate with me, it doesn't mean that all members of each generation fit nicely into the box.  We are who we are because of where, how, with whom we grown up.  Because of my own background, I fell in the same place as the Baby Boomers when it came to a few things, and it was okay.

I love to learn new things and this was a great way for me to gain a new perspective on why my grandparents saved the twist ties from bread bags, and had 30 year old fruit in their basement, and why the children in my neighborhood text each other rather than talk when they are in the same room.

Are you a product of your generation?

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1 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

2busy said...

I'm a generation X - I'm not sure all that entails, but I was raised by a couple of baby boomers. I guess that is better than being raised by some hippies. Then my name would be something like Flower.

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