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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grateful for my Spiritual Reservoir

As each of us navigate the twists and turns of this mortal existence, we may find ourselves lost in a spiritual wasteland where no matter how much we want, it is difficult to leave.

I heard an analogy once, about building a spiritual reservoir, to pull upon its resources when difficult times test our resolve to be faithful.  I am so very grateful for the vast array of experiences that have filled my reservoir, that have built up a reserve for me to draw from.

It started when I was a young girl, when I prayed to find a missing library card.  I was bereft because my beloved card had gone missing, and after an offered plea, my prayer was answered and I found the insignificant card.  It didn't seem like much for anyone else, but I knew at that moment that the Lord heard my prayers, and gave me the answers that I needed.

Another time, I was a bit older, and in the mountains, when the grandeur of the stars in the sky, high above the tall pines, standing tall and straight to heaven.  I came to the understanding that the things of the world were made by the Great Creator and I was filled with the spirit, and my reservoir was filled.

The experiences are wide and varied.  The time I spent as a missionary taught me that I serve God as I serve others and my love and understanding grew as well as my testimony.  My reservoir was filled to almost overflowing by then.

As my life has progressed, there are days when I fill my reservoir and days where I draw from it.  I hope to teach my children to start building their reserves now.  For these reserves I am eternally grateful.

How do you fill your spiritual reservoir?

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4 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

One Cluttered Brain said...

I fill my spiritual reservoir my bearing my testimony and listening to others bear theirs. I didn't use to be very good at bearing ym testimony. But I am finding more and more the prompting to bear mine. It fills me entirely until next month.
Also sharing my testimony with others, my family, and in my calling (primary teacher) helps fill it too.

Diane said...

When I pour into others I get filled. Praying for and with others and reading the Bible are other great ways to stay filled. :O)

Stacy Dean said...

by being around my aMAZing husband. If you could test his spiritual "wattage" you would be blinded. He is so inspiring and cool at the same time which just makes me the luckiest gal ever.

2busy said...

Lately my spiritual reservoir is running low. I need a good fill.

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