Welcome to my digital writing journal, or mydigitalclutter. What started as a family blog almost two years ago has morphed into my writing therapy. This is where I do a lot of free writing, mostly about my life with my family and the things that catch my interest. While nowhere even close to perfect, in each post I like to see how my writing is changing with time and practice. Most posts are left unedited for this reason, so if you don't mind, take the journey with me.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New baby chicks...

Last night Nigel's pre-school teacher called to let us know that the eggs they have been watching had started hatching.  Luckily she lives just across the street, so we headed over and watched one hatch from the egg.  There were some already out and fluffy.   I got a few pictures, but Nigel would cooperate and look at the camera.  He wouldn't hold one, but did pet the one that I held for him.  Nigel was so excited to see them and Abbie had to come see them too.  She had never seen chicks hatch before, neither had I.  In fact, I loved it too.  

Monday, April 28, 2008

HTML and Facebook

I've been doing a little HTML!  I went to the Tips for New Bloggers site (See link in my links tab) and found out how to make the links open in a new window.  Dan had to help me a bit, but I was having a great time with it.  I think I could get into this HTML stuff!

I have also joined Facebook.  I resisted, but Dan's brother Jeremy is in Iraq and he sent me a link.  So, there you go.  I jumped on.  It can be addicting from some of the things I've read.  There was even a Newsweek article about it.  I did see a few people I graduated from high school with....not that I was into that.  It was soooo long ago!

In other news, I've had quite the week at work last week.  We are implementing a new transfer process and some of the department chairs are not too happy about it.  In fact one got so hostile with me, it had to be escalated to the associate provost.  Luckily there is backing from all the way to the campus president so I'm not too concerned.  It just really surprised me.  I'm just the messenger!

Hopefully I can post some more pages soon.  I did one tonight, but I'm not really happy with it yet.

Love to all!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tureson Cousins

Here are a couple of cute kids!  We watched Pete and Laura's kids last weekend, so I took a ton of pictures of all the kids.  They all had so much fun playing with each other.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lasik Update

Here's the scoop on Lasik...it is a no go for about another year.  After going and getting the comprehensive exam, and finding out it is going to be about $2000 per eye, I think that we are going to wait until next year when we can plan for it a little better.

The exam wasn't bad and I found out that I'm a really good candidate.  I think that I will enjoy getting it done.  It isn't as bad as I was afraid of.  The doctor answered all my questions and really made me feel at ease.

Putting contacts back in was a stretch today.  I've been without them for almost two weeks in preparation for the exam.  My eyes weren't used to them anymore!  Oh well.  I guess they will get used to them again!

Love to all!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Well, as you can see....Abbie is in another cast.  Apparently the pediatrician's office took it off too soon, so the specialist put her in another cast, this time for four weeks.  Her hives have subsided, so that is good.

I got a call from my parents today and there is a chance that they will be coming home mid-May!!  It all depends on wether or not we can change my aunt's flight to meet up with them.  I am so excited!  It will be nice to have them home.

I will have to post more later.  Dan just got home and isn't feeling well.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Abbie's School Program

I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of Abbie's school program today.  She has been so excited about it.  The whole second grade did a program about diversity.  She was from Scotland.  It was fun because she had an authentic kilt, although you can't really see it in the picture.

After the program we went home, where I found that she was covered in hives.  We can't figure out what she came in contact with, but her arms were beet red.  I gave her a Benadryl pill because I was out of children's liquid.  Poor thing was scared to death to swallow!  But like the trooper she is, she finally got it down and ended up sleeping for a couple hours.  She looks a bit better now.  I guess she takes after me...getting hives for no reason.

Not the greatest pictures....it was so crowded and I had issues with standing up in the audience.  Perhaps I should have...everyone else did.

More later!  Love to all!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dream Deep

Wow...I guess I'm updating this a little more than once a week.
  Perhaps it will taper off.  I have a couple of pictures to share.  Last year when I upgraded my computer to my dearly beloved MacBook, I imported all the pictures off my old laptop.  Well, I hadn't looked at them in some time, and because I didn't paper scrap as often, many didn't even get printed.  I started doing a few pages with the old pics, from the way old camera.  I can't believe how much the kids have grown.  I don't know what my parents will do when they get home.  Just seeing the difference between the beginning of the school year and now is amazing.  Of course since Abbie decided to grow her hair out, that makes it really noticeable.Here are a few of the pages....

It's hard to believe how fast they have grown.

In other news we had to take Abbie back to the doctor for her foot.  It was swollen this morning and she couldn't get her shoe on.  Dan took her to the doctor, who said that the cast was taken off too soon.  He prescribed a walking boot, but after calling all over the place and visiting a bunch of medical supply stores, we couldn't find one.  I called back and he decided to just have her see an orthopedist because he/she would have a better chance of getting something for her.  Her appointment is on Friday, so we'll see how she fares!

For my fellow dreamers, you know
 who you are! :-)  I miss you all terribly!  I found this quote the other day on a site that I go to for digiscrapping.  It hit a cord and I have to share:

My we all dream deep!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

I just have to take a second to say how amazing General Conference was this weekend.  We are so blessed!  My kids had a couple of activity books to do.  Nigel mainly played, but Abbie took the time to color and do a couple of activities.  I always come away feeling uplifted and ready to go on.  It is like a booster shot, every six months!

After conference ended today, we went to Dan's parent's house for dinner.  It turned into quite the gathering.  A lot of his extended family showed up.   The kids had fun playing with cousins.  We had quite the time getting Nigel to leave!  He just runs and plays and has too much fun!

Well, I am considering Lasik surgery.  It is open enrollment time for insurance and Dan needs to determine how much we need in our Flex Spending account.  I have toyed with the idea of getting my "eyes done" for a while and may just break down and do it.  It would be so nice not to need glasses or contacts!  There are too many times that I get up in the night and can't find my glasses and end up tripping over the doorway.  I'll let you know how that goes...I need to get an appointment to see how much it would cost, so I can get the Flex Spending taken care of.

Have a wonderful day!  Much love to all!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Digging Dirt and Beauty Forever

We moved into our house almost a year ago.  We didn't do much with the yard last year, just because we knew we didn't like what was here, but didn't know what to do quite yet.  We dug up the front flower bed and left the dirt.  It was close to Halloween, so Daniel and the kids made three graves.  It was a huge hit in the neighborhood.  Well, the snow kept it hidden all winter...but now it is spring and we really need to do something.  It has become the dirt pile for all the kids to play in.  Here is a picture of Nigel in his usual afternoon position, playing in the dirt.  He does this for hours!!Well, we'll see how the yard turns out as the summer progresses.  Here is a picture of Abbie.  She is so photogenic!  Or am I biased?  
On other updates...
Dan is going to take advantage of the benefits of me working for the University and take a summer course.  I am enjoying my job, and really like the benefit of school for us.  I am getting to know almost all of the department heads, due to my work, so that can either be good or bad when it comes down to taking classes.   Perhaps in a few months I'll look at starting a Master's program.  

We are looking forward to my parents coming home from their mission in Canada.  Last time I talked with them, they were at 51 days and counting.  I think that they are ready to see their grandkids again!  I know my two are constantly asking about them.  In fact every morning Nigel asks if Grandma Tureson is home.   He has had a hard transition with the change in babysitters recently, and he knows that he won't have to go to the current one when Grandma gets home. It is nice because I'm only gone during school hours, but he only has preschool a couple of days a week.  Abbie on the other hand, liked it when I worked more...I didn't have as much time to make her practice the piano and do homework.  She is still adjusting to that!

More later!  Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I've made some additions..& the cast!

I've made a few additions to the blog.  To see some of my scrapbook pages, just scroll down.  I've added a slide show.  There aren't many there, but you'll get the idea! :-)

Abbie got her cast off last night!!!  We are do excited!  I'm not sure who is more relieved, Abbie or me!  She only had to wear it for two weeks, and it was waterproof to boot!  Her poor little leg was sure scratched up from where the cotton had come out.  We washed her up and lotioned her leg.  Now if we can only keep her from going crazy and breaking her foot again!  She is just so active, it's hard to keep her still.

Nigel is signed up for kindergarten.  Everyday, he asks me if it is time for him to go to his new school.  Pre-school just isn't cutting it anymore...my he is growing up so fast.  He is also looking forward to swimming lessons.  As you can see, he wore his swimming suit in the bath tub.  This of course is after wearing it all day under his pants!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A new blog

Ok, so I have decided that the money it is going to take to update my .mac account, really isn't worth it, so I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon.  I have had two friends in the past two days send me links to their sites, and I've been mulling it over in my mind for a few weeks now anyway.  I guess the fact that my other site will need to be renewed in a couple of weeks, makes this is the perfect time to make the switch!

If you are so inclined, take a look here at the old site if you want to catch up.  It is mostly a gallery of scrapbook pages and a few blog posts. 

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