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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grateful for Quality Time

My life is hectic, but no more so than the next person.  I can whine, complain, and feel picked on when I look at how my time is spent, and how little I feel like I have to spend with those I love, but I won't.  Today I'm grateful for the quality time that I get to spend with both my children and husband.

This morning, Daniel rode to work with me.  It doesn't happen often, because we literally go in separate directions each day, me to the North, he to the South.  He happened to have a meeting at the university where I work, (not where he works) and so we had the chance to spend a few more precious moments together.  He held my hand as we drove.  I wasn't as keen on talking or discussing the various topics that seem to clutter our everyday existence, I just enjoyed the time to be.

The other morning, I was able to spend a few minutes with my daughter, teaching her the intricacies of flat ironing her new short 'do.  She made the very grown up decision to cut about 6 inches off her hair and now she is learning how to do it herself.  It causes me some stress as a mother, no longer having this task, and of course, worrying about how she will look, but it is all overridden by the pleasure I feel in seeing her accomplish a task that we have worked on together.  For ten minutes, my focus was on her, and she knew it, a reveled in it. I don't know why I don't do this more often, because I loved it as much as she did.

My son sneaked into my bedroom a couple of days ago as I was getting up for the day.  He just wanted to snuggle for a little while, and he was soft and warm.  We do this occasionally, where he will tell me stories, and dreams, his little lips quivering in excitement, face aglow.  I know that when he is fourteen he won't tell me these things, or want to spend time with me like he does now.  It is precious and wonderful, and again, I revel in it, all the while wondering why I don't do it more often.

I love the time I spend with them, and am grateful for it.

What do you do in your quality time?

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4 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Stacy Dean said...

quality time is priceless! Richard and I LOVE to read a book out loud to each other. Particularly the Hunger Games Series. It is soo fun and we both love it. It's better then watching tv for sure!

2busy said...

You are so right that he won't want to snuggle when he is older. He will just think that is creepy and that you are embarrassing him. At least that is what happens at my house.

thedailydelights said...

Aww, that's some good quality time! I luv balance between kiddo, designer, and painting time...:) Enjoy! laya, trina

Terresa said...

In my quality time I like to just sit on our couch and share stories with the kids.

Interesting point about your daughter's hair. My Eliza asks, no, demands, I help her w/her hair every morning. I know she likes the attention. For a few moments, it is just us and hair, elastics and barrets.

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