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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful for Silence

You know the quiet that seems to permeate a home when there is a new baby sleeping?  Where everyone talks in a hushed whisper and tip toes around, avoiding any unnecessary sound?  It's been almost 10 years since I had that luxury.  With my first child, I was so concerned about making a noise, the house was in silence.

Today there has been silence in my house.  Not that bad kind, where everyone is on edge, afraid to make a sound in case the hormonal mother may snap at them, but the good, blessed silence that comes from getting rid of the television.  Yes, we did it.  Yesterday was our last day of satelite television and we don't have the nifty convertor box or digital antenna to bring broadcast shows into my family room.  My children aren't quite sure how to cope, but I hope it will be by picking up a book or some toys in their room.

I'm not a complete renegade...we still have the set.  We will make due by watching the various Disney movies that line our shelves and of course, there is Hulu if we get really desperate to see what is up on a reality show or our favorite crime drama.

Cutting back on this of course make for better finances, because I'm sure I can find someplace else to spend the money we have been shelling out monthly for our entertainment.  I hope to see an improvement in my children's grades, obedience, and getting along with each other.  Will the learning curve be short enough to get through all the griping and complaining?  I certainly hope so.

Eventually we may bring something back in, but not like we did.  I think I enjoy the silence a little too much to allow that.  Ah, golden silence, the kind that is calm and wonderful, a boon to my soul!

Would you consider getting rid of your television viewing habits?  What ramifications would you foresee?

*Thanks Google for the picture*

1 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

2busy said...

Okay, if you kept it for movies, I'd be okay. But, my husband would die without his sports. I tried getting rid of the dish, but he about had a coronary without ESPN. He's such a baby...

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