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Monday, November 23, 2009

Grateful and Trying to Catch Up

I'm throwing in the towel.  For days I haven't felt like blogging and continuing my month of gratitude.  That doesn't mean I have nothing to be grateful for, because I do, and recognize it emmensily.  I've just been off my game, in all aspects of life.

Here is a quick list to catch up on my gratitude sharing:
  • Abbie has braces.  I'm glad we can take care of the orthodontic issues, and I'm grateful that she likes them.
  • Senior Centers rock!  I say that because I'm grateful my parents have an outlet where they craft, mingle, and giggle like a couple of teenagers.  I called my mom today while she was there and she was so distracted and laughing, I felt like I was talking to a teen.  I'm glad they have someplace to go, and enjoy their retirement.
  • Christmas music.  Need I say more?  We started listening yesterday when the children and I overpowered Daniel's restraint and turned on some Holiday tunes.  Believe it or not, it really got me in the Thanksgiving mood and the desire to be with family.  See, it isn't bad!
  • I'm grateful for my calling in church.  I taught a lesson yesterday in Relief Society and hope it made sense.  I sometimes get up in front of the women, and don't remember what I said.  Perhaps I went on three thousand tangents and didn't notice.  But nonetheless, I love it.
Believe it or not, the list has helped change my mood.  I was really disappointed today when I found one of my employees job searching on her computer.  I almost felt betrayed and most definitely felt hurt.   The bitterness started to seep into every feeling I had.  I suddenly felt, "Why bother." with so many things, blogging namely.  But then I forced myself to sit down and start typing.  Amazingly a list of wonderful things started to brighten my mood.  I thought about how I snuggled with both of my children yesterday as we watched a movie after church.  I thought about my husband's smile, and then the list began again.

I certainly am grateful for so much in my life.  I'm glad I started this process, even though I've had a few ups and downs.  Now, if I can keep it going, I'll post again tomorrow! :)

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6 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

L.T. Elliot said...

Gratitude has a way of filling up our heart and making us glow. I'm happy for you that you rediscovered joy. Happy Holidays to you!

Diane said...

If I have the worst of days, I always think tomorrow is a new one and has the potential of getting better. Glad you refocused! :O)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Cool. Last week I was getting highly frustrated with my WIP for Nano. i am back on track and in line for 50,000 words.

Thanks for reminding us all to be grateful. I too am grateful for my calling. I teach the 9/10 year old. (and right that now that includes my daughter) Yes, I am LUCKY indeed.

Terresa said...

How, how I wish I could've sat in on your RS lesson!

Braces, senior centers & catching up! And how! Here's to a few days off coming up. I'm going to shut myself away to read & write...or at least hoping!!

2busy said...

I'm glad you haven't given up on your gratitude blogging. I am grateful that you do it!

Merrianne said...

that is a great list of things to be grateful for!! adn i bet you did a great job on your RS lesson!

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