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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yeah for General Conference!!

I so loved General Conference today!  Every 6 months I feel like I need a shot in the arm, and that is certainly what I got today!  Since I teach the Relief Society lesson on the conference talks each month, I always try to pick out what talks I'll be getting.  I'm sure that Elder Oaks talk on the Sacrament will be one that we get to do!

Daniel is at Priesthood Meeting right now, so I took a little time to do some pages of the autumn colors we saw a couple of weeks ago.  Abbie making string art and Nigel is snuggled up in a blanket because of the rainy weather.  It is a hot chocolate evening and curling up with a good book!!  I wasn't prepared in getting a new book at Barnes and Nobel yesterday while we were there, so I suppose I will do some more scrapping.

I normally don't post too many layouts with credits because I usually only have family and friend traffic on my blog, but I really liked this kit by Andrea Dickenson.  Here it is:
The picture is from September, but the quote seemed appropriate.  It is from Elegant Word Art.  The next layout, I don't know where the kit came from, see how bad I am at credits!  That is why I never post to galleries!  I am the worst!

On family news, Daniel is doing great at the new job.  I think that he is just so happy to be out of where he was, that he would be happy almost anywhere.  Now, that is totally exaggerating, but he is happier.

Abbie is doing great in school still.  I am really proud of her because she is focusing more on her reading.  She did great on her spelling test this week and still manages to amaze everyone with her math skills.  My mom told her that she needed to read as much a she does math because she may need to do both at the same time someday.  That may have helped!  She is doing great!

Nigel is still loving school too.  He sings constantly.  I may have to post a video of it sometime.  He is hilarious!!  This little body, growing up so fast!  He loves going to his friend's house every morning for babysitting.  This change has been phenomenal, an answer to prayers!

I should get going.  I need to run to the store before bed tonight.  Hopefully Daniel will be home soon and we can go together.  Have a great night!  Love to all!

1 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Andrea said...

I totally enjoyed general conference today too! All of the talks are always so excellent!

OOOH I LOVE your layouts!! Thanks for using my kit! Love your beautiful photos! The colors are great!!!

Andrea Dickinson

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