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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pandora discover

I've heard about Pandora from a few people lately, but I was talking to Daniel this morning and he recommended getting an account and checking it out.  I was really pleased with it!  I usually just grab my iPod and plug it into my speakers at work because I can usually just use my playlists.  The nice thing about this is that I get to experience some artists that I don't have and I can see if I like them before purchasing the song/album.  Of course I had to get the iPhone application as well.

I think that it is a great option for listening to music while at work.  I had a Yahoo music account a few years ago, before I had my iPod, and it was not as nice.  We used Mozilla as a browser and it wasn't supported.  I ended up not using my second year's subscription due to that fact.

Give it a try.  I've linked it up, but it will open in this window.  I really need to find that HTML code that I used a while back.  Hmmm, perhaps I need a class?

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