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Monday, October 27, 2008

Have you ever wondered....

if that drive you feel inside will actually launch you to the next step?  I am wondering daily as my thought and ideas fuel the fire inside of me, just how much grit and determination it will take for the momentum to actually get me to the next phase in the process.  My ideas and thoughts are a jumble of scenes and impressions and I just can't seem to make the connections that in my heart I know are there.

I know that one can only do something if he or she actually starts it.  Am I frightened that if I take that committed step, everything will change.  As humans, change is a part of our lives, but we resist it with all our might.  Is that truly the reason I hesitate?  Or is it that I know the once started, I will not be able to stop, or that I'm not good enough to finish it through?

While the ideas are there, the self-doubt and anxiousness of my personality awaken when I dream of taking it to the next step.  Do I have it in me to do this?  Do I really want to start this long, arduous process that will leave my soul vulnerable to the scrutiny of loved ones, not to mention the outside world?

So, I ask again, have you ever wondered and if that mere action has inspired or frightened you?  Perhaps it is the act of wonder that will give me the grit and determination to propel myself to the next phase, not just merely allowing the momentum to carry me wherever it stops.  I can't settle for that.  I have a goal, a dream far beyond that point.  It resides where only the wisps of my imagination can take me.  I look forward to the adventure, the ride, the destination, and fulfillment of a desire.

1 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Tonya Joy said...

My goodness . . . I wish I knew what this was all about - because I feel like you are describing me and my own feelings right now - and the swirl of decisions I'm trying to make. You put my emotions into words!

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