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Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Posts..two days!

Just a quick post to share a couple of scrapbook pages that I've been working on tonight.  Dan is at class and the kids are doing baths before bed.  I had little scrapbook time for me!
This is a layout of our day at the park on Saturday.  I think that it was something that we all needed, to get the blood flowing and laugh a lot.  It is said that laughter is the best medicine.  I truly agree.  Dan and I weren't fighting per se, but we were miffed with each other for no apparent reason...but after this, all was good with the world!

Okay, I in no way profess to be a cowgirl cutie, but after my mom saw this picture from my iPhone, she told me that it was cute and I needed to do a scrapbook page with it; so I made a page!  It was me trying to take a picture of us, but it was so much fun at the fair this year.  We all got hats, and mine is a little more fashion forward than everyone else's.  In fact I'm sure that I've seen a hat like this on my sister-in-law Cheyla, and she is very fashionable!  This is my sore attempt of looking chic!

I hope that everyone has had a good start to the week.  Take it easy and love to all!!!

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