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Saturday, February 28, 2009

When you just feel....."off"

I can't put my finger on it. There are days when the sun is shining and things really are going my way, to paraphrase "Oklahoma", but still deep down, there is an off feeling that makes me wonder what secret I need to unlock in order to flip the switch to on.

I'm not sure what sparked it today, but I got up, accomplished a lot in the area of dishes and laundry, and opened all the blinds and windows in my house to let sun and fresh air in. Little breezes flooded the house, making everything seem fresh and new. I had a some excitement, but then, like a lead balloon, this off feeling hit. The breeze didn't seem to be as astringent, the light as bright, and the blue sky was washed with wisps of white clouds.

So, what sparks these mood swings, and what does one do about them? I suppose I can take Daniel up on his offer of a trip to the Olive Garden for breadsticks and alfredo sauce, but that would be drowning the switch in fat....not the most productive activity. Or I can take a walk. Or do more laundry. Or just tell myself that it will get better tomorrow.

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Anonymous said...

The Lord said it wouldn't be easy only that it would be worth it. I love you. You are my inspiration!

Tonee + Brennan said...

I am amazed by how eloquently you put your feelings to "paper" (I have been thinking this for a while reading your posts over the months)- you should be a writer or a philosopher or something! I have days like that too. Luckily the feeling always goes away in a few hours or by the next day. Hope you are feeling better today! Love,

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