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Thursday, February 12, 2009

When a door closes....

...the Lord opens a window.  

Yesterday I had a visit from the dean of the Social Science department.  If you remember a previous post about him a number of months ago, he was the bishop in my parents' singles ward when they got married.  He stops by occasionally to say hi and to check in on how my parents are doing.  Yesterday he told me that I only had to ask, and he would do whatever he could do to help me out in the university.  I was thrilled at the consideration, but thought there wouldn't be much to take him up on, due to the hemorrhaging budgets.  Well, it turns out that he will have a position that must be filled come summer, his college advisor is leaving mid summer for Ohio with her family.  As soon as he left, my current boss was in my office asking me if I would apply for the position.  In fact he was encouraging me to do so, although it would mean leaving my current job.  There isn't much opportunity to move up in the admissions office, but this would let me take a new direction.

Do I go in that direction or stay where I'm at?  Do I take a chance or stay where I'm comfortable?  So many questions and the window is open.  It is my choice to go through it, or not.  The door closed for me, or so I thought a few months ago when job opportunities didn't work out.  It just goes to show me that there are windows opening all over the place.

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