Welcome to my digital writing journal, or mydigitalclutter. What started as a family blog almost two years ago has morphed into my writing therapy. This is where I do a lot of free writing, mostly about my life with my family and the things that catch my interest. While nowhere even close to perfect, in each post I like to see how my writing is changing with time and practice. Most posts are left unedited for this reason, so if you don't mind, take the journey with me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As I left work today and I felt a surge of excitement.  I had some great ideas that suddenly came to me and I felt that I was flying high.  I grabbed my notebook and scribbled furiously until my hand ached.

It has been a good day for me.  I don't know how the light switch was turned on, but it was and I feel really good about the direction my ideas are taking me.  Now I just have to follow through.

This week as I was walking to my car, in a rare moment of sun, I had the impression that I was returning "Home" as it were, with my life.  There are things that I thought that I would be doing at age 30-something, that I haven't yet experienced.  Things that were second nature to me (at least in my mind) when I was young and idealistic are starting to return.

So a bubble of excitement runs through my soul and I can hardly wait to see where this crazy ride of life takes me!

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