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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My parents' story....

Almost 37 years ago, my parents got married. I had heard their story from them a number of times, but on Thursday, I had a new perspective, one that made my testimony grow.

A few months ago, I had been having some issues with the Department Chair of the Psychology department on campus. He didn't want to get information back to me as the dean of his college had agreed to. We traded a number of heated e-mails and I carbon copied the dean on a number of them. The chair was quite abusive and I felt that I had been given a terrible blow to my psyche and self-esteem. After the Associate Provost got involved and talked with the dean, it seemed to calm down and I didn't have any more issues with the Psychology department.

Fast forward to last week. I had gone to my parents house to pick up my kids and sat and talked about work a bit. My mom made a comment that I am sure was meant to be off the cuff, with no response needed. She said, "I am sure that Richard Sadler isn't still there...." I was absolutley shocked. This was the dean that I had been working with in regards to the issues I had been having with Psychology. My experience with him had not been positive or negative, just neutral. It turns out that Richard Sadler had been my parents' bishop when they were in the singles ward. They talked for a while about how much they loved and admired him and spent a bit of time going down "amnesia" lane.

I sent Dean Sadler an e-mail, sending my parents greetings and love, never expecting it to go any further than that. I went out of town for a meeting, and when I got back, I had a voicemail on my phone from him, asking to get together. I returned e-mails, voice mails, and did quite a bit of work before I was able to call him back. When I did, he was on the other line, but I left a message with his secretary that I was returning his call. About ten minutes later I hear someone ask for me in the front office. Low and behold, in walks Dean Sadler. He gave me the biggest hug and said that we had a very interesting relationship. This is the story that he told me:

Bishop Sadler and his counselors had felt for some time that there were some men in the ward that needed to attend the temple. Some had not had the opportunity to go on a mission for one reason or another, and so were older than the "normal" age of going through the temple. There were some in particular they decided to work with, my dad being one of them. There were others in the ward that they wanted to go back to the temple and so my mom was in that group. Bishop Sadler remembered them, and the exact events that took place. He told me that as an observer, the day they went to the temple was not for anyone but my parents. He couldn't remember who entered the Celestial Room first, but he said that when they did, it was as if no one else was there...they were the only two people in the world. Just a mere six weeks later, they were married.

Of course, this small synopsis doesn't do the story justice, no does it convey the feeling of gratitude I felt that a young bishop was in tune with the Spirit and acted on the promptings. I am grateful that my parents were prepared in that moment for the pure spiritual connection, so that I am able to be here. I had never heard this perspective of how my parents ended up together. It really is strange that knowing each other for almost 5 years beforehand, that nothing happened. Of course the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I am really grateful that I had the chance to meet with Dean/Bishop Sadler and get to know him and know my a little bit more about my parents and their amazing story.

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