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Monday, March 16, 2009

Modern Day Convenience

Mondays are alway hectic at our house. Between getting home from school, homework, piano lessons, dinner, and family home evening, there isn't much time to do anything!

Okay, so that really isn't true. Tonight, as Dan and the kids were outside shoveling dirt (we are re-doing the front yard and need to remove a couple more TONS of dirt), I was inside making dinner. I started to think back to the "olden days" and how easy I have it now compared to then. For example, as I was cooking the hamburger for our spaghetti sauce, I was also loading the washing machine to wash towels. Once that was done, I was loading the dishwasher with dishes that need to be washed. To top it off, I was able to delay that start until 11:00 pm tonight! How easy do I have it?!? EASY!

I started thinking about how my dear sweet ancestors could truly only do one thing at a time with their household chores. The wash was seriously a full day event, and forget having dinner that night! How could you spend the day washing and still have time to cook? Somehow they did it.

I complain far too often about how much work there is around the house for me. I know that working full time with a full time mother load for two children, not to mention wifely responsibilities somehow overshadows the housewife role. It just doesn't even come close to where I want to spend my time. I complain that the loads of laundry are never ending and that there is dried toothpaste on the bathroom counter of my kids bathroom. Is that truly anyway to think?

To be honest, I have to sprinkle in some gratitude here and there, or I may forget how simple my life is. Oh, I know that there are more gadgets and activities to go around that eat up sweet chunks of precious time, but putting that aside, I have it made. In a couple hours each evening, I can make sure that my children are dressing in clean clothes (when the clothes make it to the hamper...or are mine the only children that hoard dirty clothes in their rooms?) and we all have at least one semi-healthy meal a day.

So, I sit here while my noodles are boiling, my wash is running and my dishes are sitting on a delay timer, somewhat coveting the washing machine in the picture above (hence the extremely large size). See, although I have it made, the human side of me wants just that little bit more. When will I ever learn?

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Terresa said...

to want more is human...I guess. ;)

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