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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I so enjoy visiting!

I love bookstores. In fact, I love the library! Now, let's be honest, I love anywhere books are located.

Tonight was the night, with Dan in class, mom and the kids get to goof off a little bit. So, after indulging in some Noodles and Co, we ran an errand to Barnes and Noble. No, it wasn't a necessary errand, like running to the grocery store for milk, but it was a very nice little breather for me to surround myself with so much literary presence. We spent a little time in the kids' section of the store and I came across some old favorites from my youth.

One book that I remember reading and really wanted Abbie to take a bit of, is Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski. I can't remember how old I was when I read this book, but I had my very own paperback copy that I bought through the Scholastic Book orders. They also had the entire series of Little House books by Laura Ingles Wilder and some all time favorites, Beverly Cleary.

Abbie ended up getting the first Harry Potter book, in paperback, since we have the hard back book, but didn't want it to get too abused. In ways I was disappointed that she didn't jump into some sentimental favorites, I'm glad that she is interested in reading, if just a little bit. For as much as Abbie and I are alike, we are vastly different in that I love reading, she doesn't, she loves math, and I don't. I hope that she will someday emerge a stellar reader. I'm sure it will take a while, but usually, everyone finds something that they enjoy reading, at least that is my hope. Perhaps Harry Potter will do the trick, it has for many other children.

Walking the rows of books in the store, the heavy coffee smell wafting around us, I felt comfortable. I could spend hours browsing, reading the book jackets, accumulating a stack for the register. Hmmm, perhaps I need to get the Kindle. That way I can read to my hearts content, without creating stacks of books to shelve or return to the library. Or better yet, they can have an electronic Kindle library....nope, no hope there.

Perhaps I'll sit down and go through the boxes of my old stuff and see if any of my books are still there. Probably not. Maybe after the first Harry Potter, Abbie will be interested in some of my old favorites and we can share them together. Or maybe she is from a different generation and those won't hold any interest for her at all. But shouldn't every girl read the Little House books.

1 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Terresa said...

yes, I agree. I loved reading the Little House books as a girl. They are the best.

My last book store visit was last month. I, too, love the coffee smell wafting through the aisles and could curl up in a corner and live there with little coaxing.

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