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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Memories!

I have a very fond memory of an April Fool's day prank that was spectacular in my adolescent mind. My mom, brothers, and I planned to surprise my dad with an overflowing toilet prank. As soon as he got home we started yelling that the toilet was overflowing. What made this a fantastic prank was the fact that we had two bathrooms, one up, one down. When he headed to the downstairs one, we all yelled that he needed to run upstairs because it was the upstairs toilet. Being the great sport that he was, he ran up the stairs. Of course we all thought that we should then tell him that it was the downstairs toilet and so we started yelling for him to check on that one. Of course, looking back, this was such a pedestrian prank, not worthy of any real prankster awards. We kids thought it was the best thing we had ever done and laughed until we couldn't laugh any more. With a number of years to look back on this, I'm sure my dad was playing along and never really believed that the toilets were overflowing. He was so good to humor us little kids.

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