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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my "big" little brother.  I hadn't thought about posting birthday wishes here before, but thought I would do it today.  Hope you have a good one!

We are heading to Salt Lake today to Camp Tracy for a BBQ and some shooting.  Dan's dad is manages the shooting range and the Boy Scout camp there, and so every year on a Saturday towards the end of summer, the family gets together for a party and they get to shoot the scout rifles.  

Luckily we are going to spend the day up the canyon.  It has been so hot here, that the house has been intolerable as well as outside.  It was over 80+ degrees inside last night, with the AC cranked all the way up!  It didn't cool down until well into the wee hours.  We were all pretty miserable.  We don't get much shade in the afternoon because the trees aren't quite big enough to provide that much shade to the front of the house.  That doesn't help either!  Oh well, at least the pumpkins and tomatoes are doing well!

Have a great day Pete, and everyone else!!!

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