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Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you???

Where were you?  I remember that I was sitting in the rocking chair of my parent's basement, watching the morning news with my daughter on my lap.  I had no idea that the world as we all knew it would change in just a matter of moments.  A previous bishop of mine lost his mother and sister on the second plane.  I was amazed at how close it was to someone I knew.

Are the flags flying in your yard?  They are in mine.  There are black balloons lining the walkways of campus today, yet I'm not so sure that there is a somber tone here.  Life is still moving on, and things must still be accomplished.

What makes today an even more surreal experience is the interview my husband has with C.I.D. in regards to his brother's death.  His parents and two sisters spent five hours with them yesterday......we'll see if he will be able to accomplish anything else today after something like that.

So, may we all take a moment and think of those that have lost their lives, those that fight for freedom, and be ever grateful for what we have.

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Stacy Dean said...

thanks for the reminder to remember. I was in 9th grade art class and someone turned the tv on and everyone thought it was a movie. it's amazing how fast 8 yrs can seem and yet it seemed to stand still on that day.

wonder woman said...

All I saw was your title and knew exactly what you were talking about.

I was in my senior english class. 2nd aisle over, 3 seat back. Our assistant principle came over the intercom and said a plane had crashed in New York and we should probably turn on the TV.

I watched a Nat Geo special about it the other night and was instantly transported back to that day.

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