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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life is Sweet

Last night I had the AMAZING opportunity to visit my dear friends the Nefs. If you want to know a little about what they are going through right now, see my sidebar with a link to one of their blogs. They are an amazing family and we are lucky to live just two doors away from them!

Last week, they welcomed their little bundle of joy, Will, to the world. He is so small, currently weighing in at his birth weight of 4 lbs, 14 oz. I got to hold this miracle for a little while and marvel at the perfection of God’s creations. Although extremely small, his hands, nose, and lips made me stand in awe of the grace and utter glory of birth and life. His face would contort into a plethora of expressions, furrowing his little brow, looking like his dad, just in miniature. This small angel was cocooned in the love of his family as his older sisters showed him off with pride bursting in their little chests. I was humbled to witness and be a part of this familial bond, and to know that in some small way, we get to participate in the celebration of this miracle birth.

The juxtaposition of this event and that of the death in our family recently was enough to bring the heavy topic of mortality to my mind and the gift that is life itself. On the one hand, a life, almost ended before it began, but hanging on, for the very fact that life is worth living. On the other, one cut short, far earlier than anyone could imagine, but lived none the less.

I wondered as I held Will, his very tiny frame, cradled in just one of my arms, what type of fight he would have in this life. Would he struggle just to live, struggle with health like his sister, or would he defy everything and everyone by being a tough little guy and surpass the odds? I looked at my own children, now so much older and bigger and the same thoughts passed through my mind. We have been so lucky up to this point. What are they going to see, and what are they going to face? I know that they too are cocooned in a bond of love from my husband, me, extended family, and friends. It will cushion some of the hardest blows that will strike against them.

My heart was happy last night as we walked home, just two doors away. My kids skipped, jumped and ran in front of me and their laughter was a boon. The bickering didn’t bother me as they competed for the coveted position of first for evening baths. Sweet smelling, freshly washed, kissing them goodnight was a salve for any wounds that were real or imaginary. I was lucky and knew it. Sometimes, it just takes a little moment like holding a tiny baby to make one slow down and realize just how good it is in life. It reminded me of my own blessings in my children; the trials and sacrifices to get them here. (That is another post entirely.) Time moves so fast. They were once small, cradled in my arms, now running crazily and shouting at the tops of their lungs. Life is sweet.
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Terresa said...

I love that feeling: that we are lucky and know it. Great post!!

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