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Saturday, September 12, 2009

People Watching...a Voyeuristic Pleasure

Have you ever seen this person? You know the one I’m talking about. She is standing across the room from you. You’ve never met her, but you just know……Everything about them screams. From the big hair, loud clothes, tacky jewelry, and super long fingernails, it’s clearly apparent. She is LOUD. No, she hasn’t started talking yet, but the feeling doesn’t escape you as her aura or essence washes towards you in waves and you are in for an obnoxious, ear drum bursting ride.

Today this person was running around my building. She was hurting the eyes as well as the ear drums, but, all I could think about was how I could use her as a character somewhere, someday. I mentally drew a picture of her, gave her name and occupation. Oh, I know it wasn’t the most flattering image, and I profusely apologize, because I’m sure that she is a genuinely nice person in real life. That being said, I still couldn’t wait to put her in a situation, where she is gum smacking, standing with one hip thrust out, yelling into a micro-mini cell phone, that is swallowed up in the massive perm curls surrounding her head. I know you are wondering if her hair is that skunk motif with the roots all dark and the ends fried from too many attempts to bleach and perm said mop, but amazingly no. Her hair was a normal color that seemed to belie the rest of her appearance. So, perhaps for my own benefit as well as hers, I will not make her into the stereotypical, big busted, blonde airhead, because she's smart….and LOUD!
I love to people watch. I come up with stories or situations for those that I see, and sometimes the characteristic that I love about them, that makes them bigger than life, or noticeable makes its way into something I’m weaving together in my head. I usually don’t know where I would even begin to use this person, but still the same, I jot notes in my notebook, trying to capture the essence of who they are, to me, and continue mulling over the general plot line I want to put on paper.
There are days where I wish that I could draw and be able to do justice to the look that I’m afraid my words don’t do. Then I have to remind myself that is what I love about reading. I take what the author has written and make it my own. I envision a very different look to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books than any of the movies portray, and Colin Firth does not do justice to my own Mr. Darcy, although, to be honest, he comes mightily close! (Hence the picture, with my post, a little eye candy for a few of us.) Perhaps that is why so many people prefer the book to the movie….they create the scene in their head with the words the author has given them. I wonder if my words about the LOUD creature in my building gave you the image that is in my head. I doubt it. I’m sure that yours was much more creative and fun to look at than mine.
Someday I hope to have a place for all these crazy characters that have made their home in my head and notebook. I hope to give them the freedom to do all those things that I’ve been too scared to do in my life, or make them into something I’d like to be, but don’t quite have it together to make it successful. Or perhaps they will remain story fodder that may come into play with a story I leave for no one but my children. Or maybe, if I’m really lucky, I’ll write a book….and their story, along with mine will be told.
*Thanks, Google for the image of the delectable Mr. Darcy!*

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Stacy Dean said...

i'm a people watcher as well. especially at malls. it's quite entertaining!

jt_mama said...

Airports are my favorite!

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