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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Reading

There is snow dusting the mountains outside my window today.  Because of the stark contrast of white against the vibrantly colored leaves, I am reminded how quickly the seasons come and go.  The clouds are hanging low and dense, maneuvering the milky substance over the canyons and hills.  The rain pelting the glass reminds me exactly what I want to do today….curl up in a blanket, on the couch and drink hot chocolate with a good book.

From the time I was a small child, in Washington State, I’ve always associated a rainy day as something that necessitates a good book and some peace and quiet.  Because the number of rainy days usually outnumbered the fair weather kind, I felt the need to read, a lot.  I’ve always loved to read, and a trip to the library was nigh paradise on earth for me.  A bookstore where books are unopened and smell of the bindery is something that makes me swoon to this day.  Just ask my family about the joy that a trip to Barnes and Noble can bring me.  We seldom leave without some sort of purchase.

People are walking by, holding cups with Starbucks emblazoned on the side, and the rising steam is evident, even at my distance.  I suddenly have visions of hot cocoa with large marshmallows melting into swirls of creamy white decadence.  I want to dip my finger and pull up a dob of sticky, gooey, sugary joy, pop it in my mouth and close my eyes in pleasure.  The aroma is tantalizing.

I’m taking a few days off of work to play with my kids and just have a generally fun weekend; they are out of school so this is a perfect time to laugh, run, and be crazy.  Part of me really wants to snuggle up and read.  Oh, we could all huddle under a blanket and read respectively, but I doubt that would work as Nigel is still in a learning phase and Abbie isn’t a fan of reading like I am.  How did she get so many of my traits, but not this one?

Books and rain.  They go together like peanut butter and chocolate, a delicious combination that is comfort food for the body and soul.
*Thanks to Google for the image*

What are your rainy day activities? 

4 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Stacy Dean said...

you hit it on the head: reading! I live for that moment when the B&N doors swing open and you are instantly in another world...millions of worlds really. it's fabulous. Rainy days make me read, write music and snuggle with my husband and watch some fabulous warm fuzzies indie movie like Scoop, Dan in Real Life, 500 Days of Summer (next on the snuggle list) :)

Tonee + Brennan said...

Love the title of this post...it made me smile! Rainy days are my favorite too!

Lornel said...

you are just awasome! You have so many gifts that the Lord had given you thank you for sharing them with me!

Diane said...

Love the picture. My mom had it hanging in her bedroom. She was an avid reader as I am and my daughter.... not my son so much. Oh, well! :O)

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