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Monday, September 21, 2009

Crescendo of Life

I love music.  To be honest, I usually can’t function unless there is something playing in the background.  Television noise does not work for me in the least, so don’t even suggest it.  Music on the other hand, is soothing, and will usually garner the results I’m looking for if I pair it up appropriately for the task in front of me.

When I’m cleaning, I better have something upbeat, and generally fast.  No mellow jazz for me.  If it isn’t the right tempo, I will slow down and eventually fall off the wagon, not completing anything I had to do.  The dishes still remain in the sink and mounds of laundry will encroach the dining room table as they sit on the floor of the laundry room.  Writing or working, mellow music does me well.  Some days, a little jazz, or perhaps some Natalie Merchant will keep me going and focused on what I need to accomplish, especially if I’m working with spreadsheets and inane data.  Now, if I’m upset, or in a grouchy mood, the loud, crashing, hard metal of Poison or Queen may make me feel a little better or at least justified in my sour attitude.

I have eclectic tastes.  My iPod is filled with music from Abba to Ziggy Marley.  Literally.  I have classical, country, rock, pop, and even a soundtrack or two.  Music from before I was born, to songs debuted today.

I wish I were musically inclined.  Really, I do.  I may have hated practicing the piano when I was younger, but at least I’m partially competent to play in Relief Society these days.  Who knew that my parents would be right when they told me someday I would appreciate all the practice time I put in?  I do.  That doesn’t mean I’m talented.  When I say talented, I’m talking about the truly gifted individuals that can pull a melody from inside their soul and have it expressed through the flying fingers along the ivory keys.  Or those musicians who add flourish to the printed notes, giving the song their definite style, almost like a fingerprint.  I knew a woman like that once…we always asked her to play “Called to Serve” because she did it with aplomb and finesse, not to mention a great deal of flourish.  I eked out the melody as written, and missed quite a few notes when I was ‘called’ to play.  I never measured up to her ability, although I did secretly wish I had just an ounce of her genius.

I’ve played a variety of instruments in my time, piano, flute, clarinet, and even a short foray with the tenor saxophone.  Oh, I sat first chair for a time while in high school when I played in the band, but that was short lived when I found I would rather spend my time writing rather than in rehearsals and marching practice.   I didn’t have the natural talent that some did.  I could technically do well, but the passion wasn’t there, much to my dismay.  I loved the concept of being a virtuoso, but couldn’t deliver the goods.  Music wasn’t my calling.

I am glad for the exposure I’ve had to music though.  I enjoy the technically pleasing aspects of a concerto, the movements weaving in and out of the senses.  My fingers will move in time with the beat, and I almost catch myself playing along.  I enjoy the joy of attending a concert at the theater as well as creating a playlist on my digital music player.  I love to wash myself in the ebb and flow of the vocal musings of Madeline Peyroux, feel the waves of percussion from Bon Jovi, and loosen my grasp on reality in the chords of Pachebal’s Cannon in D.  I hold dear some classics from my roots in Johnny Cash, George Strait, and a song that always makes me cry from Chris LeDoux. I’m as eclectic as my music, for there is something for every mood, every attitude, and every job.  I find that even as I write, I have to have something in the background, spurring me on.  Today?  I’m listening to a little Loreena McKinnett, Faith Hill, and some Abba.  Do you find it strange?  I’m sure it is to some, but for me, that is just the regular playlist for a day like today.
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What are you listening to today?

5 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Stacy Dean said...

right at this moment: the bright side by nevershoutnever. brilliant and possibly the perfect expression of my inner music style!

Sher said...

I LOVE this post! I have a deeply seeded passion for music.
I definitely think my life needs a soundtrack.

My ipod broke. Boo! So, I've just been listening to the radio alot.

Terresa said...

Last weekend Ben printed up the sheet music for "Invention 08" by Bach. We're looking for more duet pieces to play on the piano and violin with each other & our kids. Life without music would be very dull, indeed!

Anonymous said...

The kiddos and I began a term of "Music Together" (a family music class) just Friday. It is a wonderful class and they gave us a cd to listen to in the car and at home. The kiddos are so happy to listen to "Miss Kristi" music. I love that it focuses on rhythmn, tone, and all sorts of music styles. We all love it. When I choose, I listen to jazz, classical, indie, bluegrass, bossa nova...I too found I didn't enjoy marching band as much as I thought i would. I wasn't first chair...in fact i was almost last of the large flute fleet. I don't think they missed me when I chose swim and water polo over band. :) I had a funny pachelbal's cannon in D video sent to me by a friend in band (a real band guy who stuck it out). I'll try and find it for you. I think you'd love it! hugs, katrina

annie valentine said...

I know I should get rid of my old tape recorder and get something digital. I just can't seem to let my mix tapes go, some of that music cannot be found on the internet. I think I'm having music anxiety. What if I've got the only available copies left???

And I think appreciating music is just as important as making music. Someone's got to listen, or what's the point?

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