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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The quickest post ever!

We have a huge day a head of us, but I wanted to stop by my blog and just express appreciation for the blessings I have. I spent the last few days at Women's Conference and came away uplifted, and rejuvenated towards all things in my life. It was especially poignant because I met up with a mission companion that I haven't seen for fourteen, yes, fourteen years! You Rock, Terresa! It was an amazing weekend!

I also had a lot of time to contemplate the trials that a dear friend of mine is passing through right now. Her eight-year old daughter has leukemia and has spent the last two weeks in Primary Children's Hospital getting a diagnosis and starting chemotherapy. The trials my friend and her family are experiencing at this time are mind-boggling and I have spent quite a bit of time praying for her and her daughter.

To top off my weekend, Dan's grandfather passed away. It is truly a blessing. He was 94 years old and had buried two wives. We are grateful that he is out of pain and re-united with his loved ones.

I hope to return tomorrow with other insights and experiences. I have a lot of things to write about!

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