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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Musing on Mother's Day

I've spent a bit of time Musing about Mother's Day. I'm not quite prepared for it, for the celebration of what my own mother means to me, nor how I quite fit into the picture with my own children. So, in leu of gifts, cards, or chocolates, I will share my thoughts about motherhood.

I have a number of memories of my mother from my youth. Some happy, some poignent, and some sad. Thoughts on my own mother:
  • My mom bought me a hideously expensive dress when I was in ninth-grade, complete with rhinestones, lace, and moccasin boots. (Yes, this was the '80's!) I wore it to a school dance and LOVED how I looked it in. Unfortunately I also was wearing bright pink lipstick and left it in the pocket when I sent it to the laundry. My beautiful, expensive dress was ruined. I was horrified that I would have serious repercussions from my mom, but all she did was hug me and tell me that it was lesson learned. The lesson I took from that is that children are more important than things. I was more important than a dress, and I knew that she loved me.
  • While very young, I remember watching my mother iron her temple clothes. She would take good care of them and I knew that the temple was an important part of her life.
  • I always knew that my mother would drop anything to help me. While in college, and I was moving apartments, she came and helped me move my things even though I had less than an hour's notice to vacate my old apartment. Only a mother would be willing to help her child without thinking about what it meant for her.
Thoughts on my own mothering:
  • I never knew the extent of what a mothers' love could reach until I had children of my own. The oft expressed sentiment of having your heart walk outside of your body is so true. Looking at the face of my first born for the first time, was the moment that the world shifted and I just knew how much a mother loved.
  • My children are very vocal about how much they love me. It makes all the hard times worth it when a small hand slips into mine, and I hear the words, "I love you, Mom."
  • Time passes faster than I ever imagined it could as I watch my children grow by leaps and bounds. I wonder if I can teach them all the things that I need to before they fly from me. I hope that I can be the mother that I need to be for each of them.
There are so many more memories and thoughts that can't be written here. May we all take a moment today, and everyday to honor the memory of what our mothers gave to us, what they continue to give, and what we give our own children.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Emily Morgan said...

Sweet post, Teri! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Terresa said...

The lipstick that ruined the dress...what a vivid picture that paints. And what a mom to hug you afterwards (I might have been tempted to yell a bit, fume and then hug).

Hope you had a great mom's day!

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