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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Poetic Moment

Today, very early, around 6:55 am, I walked across the parking lot to work. My building lays situated near the duck pond at the center of campus, and so we often get visitors to the various lots and sidewalks. Today, as the sun was peaking up over the mountains, while there was still a calmness to campus before the insurgence of students, I encountered four Canadian geese, standing still as statues. Not a feather ruffled, or leg twitched. I stood in awe for a moment of such a sight, of nature juxtaposed against modernity of asphalt and I communed.

As I walked towards these creatures, it was not until I was about four feet away, that they even twitched. Then quite suddenly, one arched it back and spread it's wings as if in a display of avian grandeur. There was no honking, or even a sound and they waddled off towards the pond. I am not quite sure what brought them from their comfortable habitat, but it was a spectacular poetic moment, one that stayed with me all day. What are your poetic moments? How do they inspire you? Just a few questions to ponder!

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Anonymous said...

that was beautifully written!!!!

things that inspire me? poetic moments?

well... i wont be able to write about them as well as you wrote about yours.... but i think that seeing an old lady hugging her great-grandchild is very moving to me.
seeing a new mother animal with her baby... licking it and caressing it is such a wonderful view of Nature at its finest.


Terresa said...

The other day we were walking to the bus stop and Eliza (my 7 yr old) said, "Look mama, the water is magical! it's shining!" It was gutter water! That was a big, poetic moment for me.

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