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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What do you do?

I have a quandary.  Do I sit and fester in the mire of negativity or do I brush it off and walk forward, excited about prospects in other arenas.

Today, the "muck" of other's opinions and unsolicited opinions really had me bitter, to the very taste of it in my mouth.  You could see my lips make the pursing line and my nose scrunch up in disgust.  I wondered what type of day this person had or what gave him or her the presumptuous idea to play omniscient towards others, treating them as minions.  Something else I wonder, does this mean that this person has a very small self-esteem and they enjoy making others feel discomforted to ensure self-fulfillment?

The dichotomies of these personalities gives way to the thought that these personalities go hand in hand and aren't all that separate.  Do all those who are the football captains and head cheerleaders (sorry for the stereotypes) really harbor feelings of insignificance or is it just this person's maniacal regard for all things in his or her domain that precipitates the meanness.

Thinking long and hard over the dilemma, I've decided that truly there is no other avenue but to take the higher road and brush it aside.  I've complained and vented here and without naming names have felt the load lift off my shoulders.  Really, isn't it this person's own burden to bear, that he or she can't be nice?  It isn't my load to shoulder and I have enough of my own foibles to rectify.  

It was a good time to have the mirror of self-regard turned towards me after experiencing the biting words from this person.  Do I ever come across this way???  I hope and pray that I will be aware before my actions or words do to a person what this one did to me.

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