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Friday, November 7, 2008

When a door closes

the Lord opens a window.  Was it just a day or two ago when I was lamenting about the loss of a coveted job?  I think that it was...and yes, I'm still disappointed.  Luckily though, I very quickly got out of my funk last night when I received a call from the director of the Davis Campus of Weber State.  I have an interview next Friday for the campus coordinator position.  After talking with someone from that campus, I can happily say that it doesn't look like budget cuts are going to strike on this one.  I'm not crossing my fingers, but I'm overjoyed that there are other opportunities.

Here is the "rub".  I feel somewhat guilty for looking out for my self and wants/desires.  I would leave my current office in a huge bind, because they too, will not have the ability to hire anyone to replace me.  Not that I'm irreplaceable, but at least right now, I would be.  So, do I look out for something closer to home, (although, not that big of a deal) and more money, more responsibility, or do I take into account what I would be putting others through if I leave where I'm at.   I'm putting the cart before the horse to use a phrase, but I constantly think of things like this.

Well, I'm not going to worry about it tonight.  Or this weekend for that matter.  I am going to enjoy my kids, clean my house, and go to the African Children's Choir at Kingsbury Hall tomorrow night.  We are taking the kids, making them dress up, and enjoying a cultural event.  They have to learn sometime!

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