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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wasn't Women's Conference fantastic???

Last night I went with my Mom and my aunt to Women's Conference.  It was so good!!!  Last year I went with my friend Mary Ann to the conference center because our stake was lucky enough to get tickets.  This year we went to Farr West and had a salad dinner at my Aunt Narlene's stake center.  It was so nice!!  I love the talks and felt that President Uchdorf's talk was so wonderful and it spoke to me to become more creative in ways that aren't traditional.

Yesterday we spent some time at the city park, just enjoying the nice weather and playing with the kids.  Abbie and Nigel love going to the park with Grandpa and Grandma Tureson and they love going on the merry go round.  Here are some pics of our outing:
Cute Daniel playing with the kids!  He was so good at taking time and making the merry go round go so fast.

On Friday, I spent the day at the "Major's Meetings" at Salt Lake Community College.  It was such an interesting venture.  I went to a couple of meetings for Elementary Education and Developmental Math.  It was interesting to see how higher education works at times.  I was glad to be there, but didn't feel like there was a whole lot to do.

I'm teaching Relief Society today, so I guess I should get preparing my lesson.  It is Testimony by Elder Oaks' talk from April Conference.  It is so good.

Have a great day!

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