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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh my gosh!!!

So, I have done nothing for the past few days but read.  I hadn't read any of the Twilight series until last Sunday.  I have wanted to read them, but was waaaay behind on the phenomenon.  I read the first book last Sunday and over the past week have finished the rest.  I read the last few chapters of Breaking Dawn this morning.  I loved every one of them!!!  I borrowed the last three from my sister-in-law Laura, but I think that I'm going to need to buy them and have them around.  I've been out of everything due to the pull this has had.  I am glad that I have had a time to zone out and do basically nothing but read.  I have missed that.  

Perhaps I'll have more to write about later!  But hey, it was fantastic!!

1 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Tonee + Brennan said...

It's an addicting endeavor. I read the three books over christmas, and felt like all I cared about was reading. I did read the 4th in 2 days, but I didn't like it as much :(
I am glad you read them...I do recommend them to everyone - who hasn't already read them that is. The only question I have is how did you have time reading them so quick with kids, work, family? Let me guess late nights...ahhh I remember those!

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