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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is the Right Place

We had the most amazing stake conference on Sunday.  We had a broadcast with President Eyring and Elder Bednar speaking.  I loved it!!!  It certainly filled my spiritual need for the week.  I can't tell you how much I am grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.

After conference we decided to go to This is the Place monument.  We have the 1-4 pm church, so this was a treat to have the afternoon free.  The weather was fantastic and we wandered around the outer park to look at all of the new things they have there.  It has been a number of years since Dan or I had been there, so many of the statues were new to us.

The view of the valley was so pretty.  This picture does not do it justice.  There were a few dark clouds lingering, but overall, it was fantastic.

Here is the best part of the day though.  We visited Dan's parents where we got to see the tandem or side by side bike.  Dan took me for a spin, but it sure was different.  I think I'll need a bit more practice at trusting him to keep us upright!
And I vowed never to ride a bike in a dress again after my mission!!!!!

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Becky said...

I love the picture of you guys on the bike!!! That was a fun afternoon. Hopefully Nigel will try the bike again.

I started a blog and have a link to yours on my page... check out my blog at beckyandkids.blogspot.com

Tonya Joy said...

But Hermana Tureson - you look so natural with that skirt on the bike - although you look a little too clean and made up!

I'm loving keeping up with your blog! We'll chat soon, I hope!

Tonya (Forsberg) Kent

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