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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nigel's Preschool Graduation

Today was Nigel's Preschool Graduation.  It was a darling program where the all the students sang their songs about school.  Nigel was the cow part in Old MacDonald had a Farm.  He stood up with his cute stuffed cow when they sang that part.

I am so glad that his preschool is just across the street, so we can see his teacher all the time.  She is in fact the Bishop's wife, so we see her at church too.  I think Nigel is going to miss going there, but at least we can swing over there is he needs a Sister Welty fix.

She passed out the cutest yearbooks that showed their progression over the year.  It was so funny to see how writing his name evolved over the months.  It started out so scribbly, but now it is so clear.  I didn't notice how much it improved because I see it every day.  The progression isn't obvious until you look at it all at once.

I took a few pictures and scrapped the page above.  I am so happy that he had this great opportunity.  He is so much more prepared for kindergarten this fall.  Oh my...my baby is going to kindergarten!

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