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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms that I know.  There are a few that are moms-to-be, so that counts too!  For my own special mom, Have a wonderful day!

I love this picture of Nigel and Abbie.  This was the Sunday after she was baptized.  They look so darling, and of course...clean!  I am so happy that I'm their mom.  Abbie made me a very cute recipe card holder in the shape of a tulip.  She made it at school and has been very secretive about what it was, despite all the hints she kept giving me.  There was also a very nice card to go with it.

Dan took me to dinner last night and we did a little clothes shopping afterwards.  He was so patient as I wandered around trying to find a new skirt/dress for church.  I did come up with something I liked and then spent time trying to find red shoes to match.  Luckily we did find something in the end, so I felt like new today for church.  Dan also bought a new suit, not necessarily for Mother's Day, but it was perfect timing.  He sure looked fantastic.  He did get teased that he would be the next bishop, but then again, he hasn't worn a suit to church for such a long time, people thought something was up!  Little did they know, it was mostly for me! (And the wedding we are going to in a few weeks!)

I hope that everyone had as wonderful day as I did.  Thanks to my sweet family for making it such a fantastic day for me!

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Tonya Joy said...

Your kids are SO distinctly yours and Dan's - they are really cute!!!

Sounds like your mother's day was great -
Hope it lasts and lasts . . . I always thought they should have a mother's month.

Tonee & Brennan said...

Nigel and Abbie look beautiful!! What lovely kids you have. Thanks for your mother day message to me! Love you lots!

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