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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The joys of home ownership....

So, we have lived in our new house for one year today.  Happy Anniversary to us!  We did a lot of work on the inside when we moved in.  To be honest, every wall in this house had to painted.  We did the master bedroom and part of the living room before we got painted out.  Well, painting our townhouse top to bottom before selling it, contributed to my burnout.

Now that winter is over and I have renewed energy, I tackled painting the very dark brown walls that encompass the majority of the family room and hall way.  Of course, I still need to do Abbie's neon green walls in her room, Nigel's blue striped walls, and all the yellow with purple sponge painting on it in the family/dining/kitchen area, but it was nice to accomplish as much as I did yesterday.  Yes, this house was a circus....with no rhyme or reason to it.

We have also been working on the yard.  Turns out that the reason it took so much water last year is that whatever sod the previous owners put down, never took root.  It is just sitting there.  We have had to pull out the front yard, and so it is sitting there, all dug up, waiting for next Saturday when Bro. Rasmussen from the ward brings his tractor over to haul away the extra dirt.  We will replace the sprinklers and reseed the grass.  Hopefully it will make the yard better, so we aren't wasting water!

The other yard project of yesterday was our garden.  I can't wait to get the tomato plants, cucumbers, and carrots going.  Dan made a couple of grow boxes to make it easer to plant and weed.  Last year we didn't do much except throw the old veggies into the garden to "compost".  In fact we threw the pumpkins from Halloween in.  Dan tilled everything up earlier this spring.  Now we have pumpkins growing like wildflowers!!!  We will have the biggest pumpkin patch in the neighborhood!  I am so excited!

It was such a busy day yesterday, I am very grateful for a "day of rest".  

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