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Monday, April 13, 2009

I feel kind of bad, that I'm posting all my trials with my six year old, and haven't posted much about Abbie. Perhaps I will tell a tale about her tomorrow. But for now, here is how my afternoon went with my son:

While doing homework today, Nigel had to draw a picture of his house and write his address. After drawing a bird's eye view of our yard and house, he supposed to write his address. Here is how the conversation started.

Mom: Do you know your address?
Nigel: Yes.
Mom: Write the numbers, # and #.
Nigel: Okay.
Mom: Now 'North'
Nigel: That isn't how it goes.
Mom: That is our address.
Nigel: That isn't the correct way! My teacher won't understand it!
Mom: That is our address though.
Nigel: I want a different address. I don't like that one! I want my very own. I don't want yours! I want my very own.

This of course went with screaming, crying, throwing the pencil across the room, and hugh alligator tears streaming down his face. I sent him to his room for a little time out, but that didn't even seem to calm him down. We talked for quite a while about his anger management issues, but it didn't seem to work until I left him alone for to think about things for a while.

I suppose I should be grateful that he has such a strong sense of self. He will no doubt give me a run for his money as he gets older. Oh well. I surely love him! He is such a doll when he doesn't have a melt down.

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Tonee + Brennan said...

Oh Teri! I could just see this play in my head as I read it! I am sure it's not funny to you, but it gave me a little laugh as I was picturing it. He sure is a funny one!

Terresa said...

ahhh, kids and melt downs, they go together like vanilla ice cream and root beer. Funny thing though, I hate rootbeer floats! ;)

I feel your pain hermana! Three of my four kids have meltdowns on a regular basis, one being my oldest daughter this morning on the walk to the bus stop, crying the entire way about being COLD. Urghhhhh. I just hugged her. Boy, am I glad for public school!

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