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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am so excited!!!!

My parents will be home on Tuesday!  I can't wait!  They called today while we were in church, and they will be home sometime Tuesday afternoon.  I really am very excited about seeing them again.  It has been a very long time!

I am starting an ABC book for the kids...mostly Nigel with him going into kindergarten this fall.  He already knows his ABC's, but I figure that this is just a cute way that personalizes his learning.  I've only done two, but here they are:
I really love these brag book pages.  I made an album of them for Daniel's mom on Mother's day.  They are small and easy to print, no need to have any special album or pages printed.  I just sent them to Inkley's and had them printed as normal.  I plan to do the same with the alphabet book.  With is being so cheap to print, I can make two!  No fighting for the book between the two kids.

It will be a very busy week for us.  We are going to need to get a few things set up in my parent's house for them, visit with them and Dave, when he comes in on Friday.  While the rest of the family celebrates my Grandma McEvoy's 90th birthday, Dan, the kids, and I will be headed out to Kansas to attend Dan's brother Casey's wedding.  It was a really hard decision for me to skip out on the birthday and homecoming for my parents, but I don't think that I could ask Daniel to miss his brother's wedding either.  We compromised by staying here until after Dave arrived.  I haven't seen him as long as my parents!  It will be nice to be all together for even a while.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it back here before we go!  Have a great week!

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