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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a great day.  We took Abbie to Primary Children's Hospital today for a bone scan.  She met with the pediatric orthepidist on Friday and she recommended a bone scan to rule out any problems.  It looks like she has a stress fracture that just isn't healing.  She could be back in a cast for ten weeks, but if it will make it heal without permanent damage, I'm all for it.

You may ask why I said it was a good day with this crazy appointment.  Well, we had to be there at two in the afternoon for an IV of dye in order for the radiologist to see the bones during the scan.  We didn't tell Abbie about it because she is terrified of needles and doesn't like going to the doctor as it is.  She had a meltdown about the MRI machine a month or so ago.  The radiologist was so great!  He works with kids daily and knew exactly how to put her at ease.  Abbie sat on my lap and held my hand while he put the "tiny" needle in and gave her the medicine.  She was so cute!  All she said was Ow!  That is fabulous!  She also was a trooper during the scan.  She laid so still for over an hour!  They took so many different angles and pictures!!!  We should hear back from the doctor tomorrow to find out the final results.  I am glad that the radiologist said that nothing looked out of the ordinary.  Let's hope that it all works out.

On to the blog update.  I found a site for blog wear, shabbyprincess.com.  Of course it is a digi scrap site as well, but I had to get some bling for the blog!  I have some other headers and buttons for other seasons/holidays!  I will be reading on the Tips for New Bloggers to figure out how to do some things that I want to do with the buttons.  I'm just not up to speed yet.

I'll post about the results tomorrow!   Love to all!!!!

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