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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Table Dancing, Bungee Jumping Characteristics

Sometimes I surprise myself.  Yes, even though I think I know myself pretty well, and recognize most of my quirks and idiosyncrasies, there are still times when I do something that takes me aback.  It usually isn’t something huge, like a sudden urge to bungee jump off a high building or something as uncharacteristic as dancing on the table, although I have threatened to do it a time or two.

On this sudden quest of self-discovery, I found myself, very uncharacteristically calm and rational.  Why this surprised me, is I am not a normally calm and rational person when it comes to situations beyond my control.  You see, my husband bought a truck….not just any truck, but a 1956 Ford F150, and no, that isn't our vehicle in the picture.  Well, when we first talked about the possibility of this purchase, I was not enthralled with the idea and that may be an understatement.   This is not a classic, restored vehicle, but a well loved and used work truck.  Oh, the body is quite “cool” to look at, but it doesn’t have the glossy paint and white walled tires that would make it an entrant in a classic car show.  Just the thought of the money pit it could be, was enough to turn me off on the idea.

My dear sweet guy came home on Tuesday, and told me that while driving his new acquisition (that he hadn’t told me he had acquired before hand), he ended up on the side of the road with a bum engine.  He lamented over making a bad decision, and wondered how the money situation would pan out and if he had just bought a lemon.  So, here is where I surprised myself.  I didn’t yell, I didn’t swear, and my blood pressure didn’t go through the roof.  Even though I was concerned about the amount of debt this little gem was going to cost us, I didn’t become a raging lunatic.

This little story gets even better when we get pulled over for a burned out tail-light.  As the officer is talking to us, my two kiddos are commenting about the high beam shining in the back of us.  Great.  Now I feel like a criminal.  But, calm, cool, and collected that I am, it didn’t faze me.  It was just a great moment that I will look back on and laugh.

So, in the uncertainty of it all, whether or not we have a 53 year old truck that will drain us dry or not, isn’t really relevant.  The point is I acted in a way that was uncharacteristically calm and rational.  Just imagine what could happen if I kept up this mode of behavior.  Life might be a lot more pleasant for me and everyone else at my house!

Have you ever found new abilities and characteristics you didn't know you had?

*Thanks to Google for the picture*

3 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

2busy said...

I think I would have flipped my lid. Your patience is saintly.

Think of the adventures you will have! Enjoy your new truck 53 year old truck.

Diane said...

Have you seen the junk in my barn that my husband adores....? I have just decided it is not worth it to blow up and if I need extra beauty treatments or massages then he doesn't mind it as much. I guess part of it is maturity and partly I don't want to have ulcers by age 40. Old things are neat, but sometimes they are money pits...:O)

Stacy Dean said...

sometimes my ability to be nasty amazes me. It's gotta be the hormones, but I'll look back at the rants I have had and realize, I would never hang out with that me. But I do have those "crazy" moments where I'll do something like sing karaoke or dance on a table and I'm like..."wow. she is cool!"

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