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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Journey to 20/20

I finally made it!!!  I have been wishing, hoping, and dreaming of the day when I could have LASIK done and would come out with perfect vision.  That day was last Thursday, and as of today, I am still thrilled beyond measure at how things have turned out.  Here is a brief pictorial of my day...Caution, I'm throwing one of the gross eye pics.  Avert your eyes now if you have a queasy stomach!
A terrible picture, but it is the last one with glasses!!  Can you tell I'm nervous?
The nurse washing my eyes with Beta-dyne. She also started the numbing drops then.
All ready for surgery!!!


Freaky eye picture!

Right after surgery.  I was 'photo-phobic' and couldn't handle the light at all.  I would have liked to nestle myself in a dark cocoon of blankets and shut all the blinds.
My Stevie Wonder glasses and the nurse that put the plastic eye shields on.  She was super nice even though I was starting to get cranky due to the light sensitivity.
This could have been so much better, if I hadn't been so ornery!  Here I am donating my Vera Wang, bling-ed out glasses. Oh well, I now have the vision, and don't need the posh specs anymore!
My dear sweet Daniel put up with the eye drops every half hour and my crankiness over the light.  One that wore off, I have been in blissful heaven with my vision at almost 20/15!!!  Thanks to the Moran Eye Center and all they did for me!  Dr. Mifflin rocked it and did a fantastic job.  There is a reason he is world renowned!  I can see!  I can see!  I can see!

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Diane said...

I've been thinking about getting the eyeball surgery too. Cool! :O)

Terresa said...

My sister had that done a few years back, some of my cousins, too. They are all very very happy. :) Good for ya!!

PS: I'm hosting a blog giveaway this week, including some great books & stuff. If you get a chance, stop by & check it out...

PPS: School starts next week, I Can't Wait!!

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