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Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!!!

A few weeks ago, Daniel asked me why I hadn't updated my blog in so long.  Apparently, he reads it!  I said at the time, I didn't have anything to write about, which was only partly true.  I was in a writing slump, and didn't realize that I needed to write to get out of it.  Suffice it to say, I am now feeling my writing mojo once again, and I think I may need to credit it to this fantastic little device Daniel bought for me.

May I introduce my new digi-toy?  A NOOK!  Yes, it is an e-reader, and I know there are many, many of you out there that are tactile readers, enjoying the feel and smell of the books in hand.  I do too. This is just an enhancement to my reading experience. And best of all.....You can check out books from the library on it!!!!!  If your library subscribes to Overdrive, you can check out e-books, just like a physical book.  It is tremendously addictive, and for anyone who knows how much I love to read, this is heaven.

I've spent that past month, re-reading favorites (Hello, all of Austen's books can be downloaded for FREE from a variety of sites), reading some brain candy, reading new authors, and just plain enjoying the wonder of my new toy.  In retrospect, I think I may have needed to spend that time, not thinking about my own ideas, but immersing myself in the worlds my imagination could create from the words of others!

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find my sweet Nook cover from JAVOedge.  I LOVE it!  So cute and keeps my new toy nice and secure.  How I love to accessorize my digital necessities.  I'm just waiting for Daniel to put his foot down when it comes to all these "toys" of mine.  So far, he enjoys watching me, or at least gets a good laugh at my expense.

In a couple of weeks, I am heading to Provo for the LDS Storymakers conference.  With the writing slump I've been in, perhaps this will be the push I need to move in the write (hehehe) direction.  Ok, that was a terrible pun, but I couldn't resist.  I'm so excited to go and rub elbows with some great people in the industry.  I've followed blogs from some of these amazing people, and have delved into their writing.

Today, I will leave it at this.  No need to go overboard and document my month long hiatus. That would be brutal.  Happy Spring!

5 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Diane said...

Glad you're back. New electronic toys are not just for men anymore! :O)


Tonee + Brennan said...

WOW! You did take a hiatus from blogging world. Oh well, sounds like you kept yourself busy, um... READING! What a cool toy!!

L.T. Elliot said...

So happy to see you back! And I want a Nook too. I didn't know you could check out books like that! How cool! Oh, now I want a toy like that. See you at Storymakers! =D

One Cluttered Brain said...

See you at the conference!!!
I can't wait to meet ya!
i hope we will be able to find each other--lol.
I'll be the Cluttered one there..ya know cluttered brain..
i understand writers block--i had it for some time--now
i just get over it and force myself to write..i have tons of stories inside my head...;)

Terresa said...

Sounds like a great tool! And love the case/cover, too.

So looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks now!

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