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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Filled the Bucket of Writerly Ways

A quick little post, to let you know that I've not completely disappeared, but am immersed in a variety of things that are making my dream a little bit more of a reality, although it could still be years away.  I spent last weekend, filling my bucket at my first writer's conference, LDS Storymakers.  It was a boon my heart and soul needed to recharge and revisit my dream.  I met wonderful people, only known virtually thus far, and rubbed elbows with those who are talented beyond belief!  If I only have a small fraction of their talent, I will be immensely blessed.

My priorities have shifted and I shall not be as present, commenting and following blogs.  I have a story to write, and dang it, it won't get done if I don't sit my hind end in the chair and write it.

Hugs and love!

3 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

Terresa said...

Yep, the conference was great, just trying to make it happen now (writing more and all that good stuff).

It was great to hang together @ the conference, just wish it could've lasted longer!!

Here's to a good year of writing ahead of us!! ;)

One Cluttered Brain said...

But just remember to update from time to time your struggles and triumphs OK? :))

good luck writing!

2busy said...

Have missed your postings and comments, but I myself have been a little awol lately.

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