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Monday, August 10, 2009

The End of Dog Days

Summer is starting to dwindle. As is the course in life, all seasons must come to an end to make way for a new and equally spectacular display of nature's beauty. As I look out my back window, I can see the remnants of my birds' nest that housed the start of life for four baby birds, who I watched with sheer amazement. The corn in my garden, that didn't grow much taller than three feet, and produced little fruit, is an experience I shared with my children, starting them as a seed and moving to some conclusion was well worth the effort.

School starts in two weeks. Like the final bell toll of summer, my children made their way to the lists, posted on the school doors, to find their names amid the others and discover who would have charge of them for the coming year. The beat of finality hit me hard as I thought about the coming months of homework, spelling tests, book reports, and backpacks. I have enjoyed the carefree time of unstructured bedtimes, late night activities, and shorts worn with flip flops. No longer can my kids laze around during the heat of the day, eating popsicles, watching cartoons, sprawling on the couch.

I find it so ironic that as a child, I preferred the structure of the school year, while as an adult, I prefer the summer days for my children. I think I may have narrowed it down to the fact that in our busy lives, it is one thing that is unbalanced and jubilant, lawless and carefree. There isn't a militant mother, hovering over children, trying to coerce them to finish the nightly homework, or study multiplication tables. I get to play, I get to giggle, and play "Go Fish" with my kids and not worry that there isn't something more constructive to do.

Our final two weeks of "freedom" are chock full of activities with family and friends. There will be times of celebration, and times of crazy antics, not to mention a party here or there. Traditions will be observed (one cannot leave out the annual rodeo excursion) and blessings performed by work roughened hands. This transition of summer to fall comes but once a year and I must say, it was well worth the ride.

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Terresa said...

Great post! Reading it I feel the melancholy of the summer's end. Mmmmm.

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