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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why am I blocked?

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During an hour while waiting for my daughter's dance class, I decided to pull out my well worn Moleskine. Inside were notes and ideas for my stories, scenes that are crystal clear in my mind, jotted down to remember later when I sit down to my laptop. It felt as though I was suddenly entering a world of my own making, and there was an excitement, the same type I get every time I sit down to write. Then it hit me. Where is my conflict, where is it going, what is missing?

A couple of posts ago, I had written about letting my ideas simmer. I'm getting a little impatient. There is a missing piece that is keeping me from moving forward and I have known if for some time. I can almost touch it, taste it, but it remains elusive to my stretching fingers. How do I get past this? There is a huge rock in my path and I've starting looking at all the angles to get around it, but right now it doesn't seem to be offering any suggestions. Grrrr....all for the creative process, right?

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Terresa said...

At the writing workshop I went to the other night, the author told us that she had writer's block for 6 years! Egads! Can you imagine a hell worse than that?! Meanwhile, she continued to write, but just non-fiction stuff like real estate and business books, which she ghost writes during the day to pay the bills.

She dug her way out of her fictional writers block by doing free-write dates with a friend. She said her writing went on to a different (better) plateu (sp?) after doing that regularly. Now, I'm just wishing I had a local friend here who'd be up for a weekly free writing date. Want to move to LV, Teri? ;)

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