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Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Photos I Love

A couple of weeks ago, the Young Women's group decided to head out to the bird refuge that is just a couple of miles down the road from my house.  The weather was perfectly sunny, the evening cool, and it was just nice enough to avoid the rabid mosquitos that frequent the wetlands.  I was attempting to take some cool pictures, and tried to focus on some depth of field shots.  It was a blast as I walked through the different areas.  The birds are just now coming back for the summer months, so no fabulous bird pics.

I was enthralled with the scene.  Dead, decaying foliage, gray from the winter, with shoots of green peeking through, as if to say, "I'll triumph over winter bleakness yet!"

It felt good to stretch my legs and feel the wind on my cheeks.  Of course, the girls were rambunctious and their laughter carried on the breeze.

As a family, we have taken time to walk the boardwalk around the sanctuary.  Various birds call to each other and the buzzing of grasshoppers and bees, as well as my nemesis the mosquito, join the chorus.  It is nature and as such, to be enjoyed.

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