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Monday, December 27, 2010

In which I've been a horrible blogger...

Merry Christmas!  I haven't been much of a blogger of late.  I wish it were due to the fact I'm scribbling away at an amazing manuscript, but I can't say that in the slightest.  It has truly been a lack of motivation on my part, and for that I must apologize.  Perhaps a new resolution in the coming weeks will help?  I doubt it, but one can hope!

We had an amazing and quiet Holiday this year.  Abbie was sick all of Christmas Eve, and with that, we didn't do all of our traditional Christmas observances.  Yes, we did get out our little "Christmas" dishes, but where she wasn't able to keep anything down, only Daniel and Nigel participated.  We did read the Christmas story from Luke 2, as always, but Abbie was in bed by 6:30, so it was a little earlier and quieter than normal.

Luckily the sickness passed and Christmas morning brought smiles, and joy to our household.  Here are some pictures of our day, along with a few from earlier in the week with a family party and Christmas recital.  I post more to Facebook, but this is just a sampling.

As the year winds to a quick close, I am sure we will start pondering New Year's resolutions, (something I hate!) and I vow to write more.  I have a quandary that I have been mulling over, and putting words down may make it the decision for me.  May you and yours have a marvelous continuation of the Holiday season!  All our love to our family and friends!

2 Lovely Scribbles to Me:

One Cluttered Brain said...

I hope you can find some time to write. i must admit, I haven't been doing much writing either.
I MUST change that for the future.
Hope you have a marvelous NEW YEAR!

Terresa said...

Glad to see a post from you here, Teri!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas & that your birthday was a good one, too. This is the first year we didn't do pictures, a Christmas card, goodie plates for ward friends, etc. (I place blame on our UK trip that had us getting back less then 2 weeks before Christmas.)

No ms here, either, just a jumbled bunch of words, and the good intentions to start again next year. :)



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